Dave & Angie

I hope it’s OK with Angie if I share her photos from this weekend here.  I couldn’t resist–they’re probably the best pictures that have ever been taken of my kids.  Keep clicking for tea parties, Nora’s introduction to the iPad, swinging, pumpkin carving, and more Midway and Spring City adventures.  Please come visit again soon, you two!


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Bring a yeti

What do you do when you’re snowed in in Midway with Dave & Angie?  Build a snow cave.


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Lesson Learned

Nora looks all peaceful, doesn’t she?  Out in nature, enjoying the rocks in this shady little canyon near Spring City?  Little did we know that in mere moments our decision not to go to the bathroom before leaving home would have near-disastrous consequences.


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reunion prep

We got Nora’s hair all fancied up in french braids for a family party in Huntsville.  Side note: the secret to keeping a toddler happy through long drives in the heat of summer?  Plenty of popsicles.  I’m pretty sure Nora had a better attitude about this trip than I did.


E sweetly let Nora help make her dessert…

…and then my mom came over and dressed Nora in all of her China souvenirs at once.

Love you guys! It’s good to be home.

China, day 14

Tuesday morning before heading to the airport, we stopped in for a quick visit at the Summer Palace. It was gorgeous and huge, but chilly and crowded–and Nora was just about through with being carried. For good.

The play area at the Seoul airport on the way home was much more what she had in mind.