Skating Shoes

Before the snow in Midway got too bad, we headed to the outdoor skating rink with Dave and Angie. We even ran into the Boss family while we were there–but I can’t seem to find photographic evidence of that now. Anyway, great minds think alike!

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You know what great minds DON’T do? Skate with their three-year-olds between their legs. That crap is hard.


If I didn’t still so clearly remember pushing Nora out of my own womb, I might start believing Kaeleigh was actually her biological mother. How else can I explain the physical, intellectual, and developmental resemblance? I ain’t no blond supergenius who can’t hold still.

snow beast

Pop-Pop and I took Nora out sledding on the snowy streets around the farmhouse. I like that this has the makings of a Christmas tradition.

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Christmas Morning

Thank goodness Dawn brought her camera to capture our first Christmas morning in our own house: fancy breakfast, Christmas story from the bible, stockings, and all.  Somehow I hid these from myself in a folder labeled ‘August’ for two years, but we won’t worry about that.


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Christmas Eve with the Smiths

Chad gave Nora the tutu and matching headband, and the adorable horse and cowboy hat were from Kurt and Jone. Grandma’am and Grandsir gave Nora the musical instruments. Thanks so much, you guys!

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Christmas Photos

This year my friend (and very talented photographer) Mallory took Nora’s annual Christmas photos. It was so freezing in Sugarhouse Park, but Mallory and Nora were both very good sports.

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Here’s Mallory’s flickr stream if you want to see some of her work.