The livin’ is easy

Thank goodness Angie uploads her photos like a responsible parent. Here are some photos from their trip to Utah, and there are a few in there of Nora and Hazel in Spring City, visiting the chickens and playing in the kiddie pool.

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The Shambler

It’s a bit long, but here’s proof that Hazel can actually walk (when she doesn’t want to put down what she’s holding). She came all the way down the hall from her room before I bothered to get up and get the camera, too, so there was more. If you stick around to the very end there’s also proof that she can hear! Turns out she’s probably just ignoring you, so that’s awkward.

a little friend

I dropped my phone under my chair without realizing it, and five minutes later I whined, “I lost my phone. MUUUUUHHHHH.” Nora piped up from across the room, in the most sympathetic tone, “Are you feeling in a bad mood? That’s how I feel when I’m feeling in a bad mood. I know what you’re talkin’ about.”

I recounted this story to Sarah, and I never want to forget what she said. “Lisa. You made a little friend from scratch. That is kind of the most awesome thing.”

I couldn’t agree more.