Pie Day

My mom had us come up to Spring City to put all of the apples and plums they had left at the end of the season into pies. Nora was such a great sport, stirring bowls and sorting apple peels all through our marathon day of baking. Grandma even made her a tiny pie of her very own.

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The Big Red Barn

Every time we drive down to Spring City to visit my parents, I see the sign for the Big Red Barn and its “world’s best ice cream.” This time we finally stopped and checked it out. It was packed with people, and was a little more of a commercial operation than I expected (I guess I thought it would be a more rustic mom-and-pop situation). In addition to fruit, fudge, and baked goods, they sell old-fashioned candies and the sort of country-cute tchotchkes you might see at Kneaders or Gardner Village. Of course, we did get some tasty fresh creamery ice cream cones.
They had a little area on one side of the barn set up with hay bales and pumpkins, and there was a whole family camped out on the bales, getting holiday photos taken. I couldn’t resist snapping a few of Nora before we left.

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For one brief, sunny day, a glorious chicken named Andre was part of our lives. RIP, little buddy.

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Heritage Days

I have to admit, I just stole these photos from Spring City’s Heritage Days festival right off Valori‘s Facebook page. They had to be free, for all the world to see. Sorry, Valori.

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Christmas Day

Here’s Nora, bumming around at home while we threw the last few items in our suitcases. Since we almost crashed on our way to Spring City, this might have been the last picture of Nora, ever. Do I even have to say how glad I am that it wasn’t?

Sarah gave Nora this adorable tutu. The vest is also from Sarah, actually. What a good aunt, right?

The table and chairs are from my parents. Unfortunately, they made Nora grow up about four months in five minutes…but she loves them.