The Big Red Barn

Every time we drive down to Spring City to visit my parents, I see the sign for the Big Red Barn and its “world’s best ice cream.” This time we finally stopped and checked it out. It was packed with people, and was a little more of a commercial operation than I expected (I guess I thought it would be a more rustic mom-and-pop situation). In addition to fruit, fudge, and baked goods, they sell old-fashioned candies and the sort of country-cute tchotchkes you might see at Kneaders or Gardner Village. Of course, we did get some tasty fresh creamery ice cream cones.
They had a little area on one side of the barn set up with hay bales and pumpkins, and there was a whole family camped out on the bales, getting holiday photos taken. I couldn’t resist snapping a few of Nora before we left.

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