She just looks like a Lulu, OK?

I name all of Nora’s toys. I figure you have to refer to the toy somehow, and it’s easier to say “Hey, Blake, will you grab Simon?” than to say “Hey, will you grab that sort of gender-confused but snooty-looking white teddy bear on the shelf in Nora’s room? Or maybe on the dresser?” Plus, I think finding the right name to fit the personality of the toy is fun.
If you’ve met some of Nora’s toys before, you might already know their names. Here’s a chance to test your knowledge (or guessing skills). Click on the thumbnails if you want a close-up of the toy for your in-depth analysis, but don’t click on the names unless you think you’ve already figured it out.
1. Lulu
2. Belinda
3. Rolf
4. Oscar
5. Sadie
6. Ruby
7. Kenneth
8. The Nemesis

One thought on “She just looks like a Lulu, OK?

  1. Nora, this is in case we forget to tell you how you cracked us up all day, every day:
    Lisa says:
    so, nora is playing with belinda
    Lisa says:
    and at first i thought she was kissing belinda’s head
    Lisa says:
    but now she is growling, and i think she is being a bear who is EATING belinda’s head
    Lisa says:

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