38 weeks

It is blowing my mind that Nora is (developmentally, at least) ready to be born. I don’t find it hard to believe that she’s 7 pounds and 20 inches long, though–things are getting a bit crowded in there.
This week’s newsletter also helpfully includes early preeclampsia symptoms, which of course I am now convinced that I have:
1. swelling of your hands and face (Yes, but I might just be getting fatter.)
2. sudden weight gain (Well, I’d gained 3 pounds at my last appointment, but my doctor didn’t seem alarmed.)
3. visual changes (I’ve noticed that I see flickers in my peripheral vision.)
4. upper abdominal tenderness (A resounding YES, but it’s the same tenderness I’ve been feeling for months. If it’s worse, I just assume it’s because my tummy is bigger and the problem is naturally exacerbated.)
5. nausea (If today counts, then yes.)
Anyway, probably I’m just being paranoid and it’s nothing or will just go away on its own like my nerve pain. I hope so. Preeclampsia is scary.

One thought on “38 weeks

  1. I would say “I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about” because… it probably is. But I think that with pregnancy it’s better safe than sorry? Anyway, I’m excited for the Birthing. Good work! You’ve carried this little fetus with style and grace!

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