state of the nation

I kind of can’t believe how much bigger my belly has gotten in the last three months. (for comparison purposes)

  • Baby – 14 1/2 inches long and kicking like crazy. She hates my other organs for some reason–maybe she feels they threaten her precious uterus.
  • Body – I embody womanhood. Right?? RIGHT????? I have to keep telling myself that.
  • Hair – I got a hideous haircut before we went to California. If only I had read this part of my new favorite book: “A very pregnant woman who wants to cut her hair is not really looking for a new hairdo, she is looking for a new, nonpregnant, look, and I’m afraid that’s too tall an order for a haircut.” Live and learn, I guess.
  • Puke – Only sometimes when I brush my teeth.
  • Heels/Lust for Life – Check. It’s become a point of pride now. I MIGHT have gone to a movie last week wearing scrubs, sneakers and a hoodie, but those reports are unconfirmed.
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    1. Hey guys!
      Lisa, you look great! And you are still making me laugh – both signs that your lust for life can’t be totally gone. We are coming in a couple weeks maybe we can hang out – and bonus: if we bring the kids any lust for life you have left will be permanently crushed!
      Love ya!
      Lindsey and Andy

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