the secret is out

Maybe some of you already know, and some of you have already guessed, but I am having a BABY. Yes, that’s right, I am GROWING A WHOLE SEPARATE PERSON INSIDE OF ME. From SCRATCH. It’s kind of blowing my mind. Here’s how it went down (conception excluded [obviously]):
1) Four weeks ago I stopped drinking Diet Coke because I thought I was getting an ulcer.
2) Three and a half weeks ago I thought my reproductive organs had shriveled and died, possibly crumbling into a black powder.
3) Three weeks ago I was getting really tired of having the stomach flu.
4) On January 23rd I finally figured out what was going on and took a pregnancy test. I broke the news to Blake by walking into our bedroom at 6:00am brandishing the test. “Um. Blake? This stick says we’re going to have a baby.”
5) Two weeks ago our immediate families found out through the postal system–a tiny slip of paper wrapped around a little plastic baby and stuffed into a small mailing tube with tissue paper. I was too shy to call everyone.
6) Last week we started referring to it as Las Plagas, which of course makes me The Infected.
7) This morning I had my first prenatal doctor’s appointment. Not only did I get to HEAR the HEARTBEAT, but I saw a little blob wiggling around on the ultrasound screen! It is confirmed: something is definitely in there.