Alphabet Birthday Party

Since Nora has been getting so great at her ABCs, we decided her birthday party this year would have an alphabet theme, and we’re going to get great play areas from just for the party as well. While I was running around getting the last few things ready and putting the food out, Blake grabbed my camera and took a few photos of the decorations. Things maybe aren’t as staged as I would like, but thank goodness he took matters in hand or we wouldn’t have any documentation at all.

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You can see in the photos that there are homemade flag garlands everywhere, some stamped with all the letters of the alphabet, and some spelling out ‘happy birthday.’ We had paper letters dangling from the light over the dining table, and alphabet blocks in piles and on cake stands. The cake (although unfortunately not super delicious) was an ‘N’ surrounded by Alphabits cereal and a few letter-shaped fruit snacks, and the refreshments were more fruit snacks, letter-shaped toasts broiled with olive oil, letter-shaped chicken nuggets, and as many other foods that are served with dips as we could think of. Nora is big on dipping.
More importantly, where are the photos of Nora? Again, I’m glad someone picked up the camera and took pictures of the party action, but I have no idea who it was. Thank you, mystery guest!

Get the flash player here:

I did use the camera myself to take individual photos of all the guests (kind of like we did last year for her pillowcase), but I am exercising restraint and not posting all of those. You’re welcome, everybody! This year, each person chose a letter and drew their own flashcard for Nora to practice with, and we’re putting the photos on the backs. The cards all turned out so different and so adorable, and maybe at some point if I get my act together I’ll share them with you here.

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