Fine Lady

My cute grandma brought over a beautifully wrapped birthday gift for Nora. Let me take you through the sequence of events here.
1) GG remains completely stationary and expressionless the whole time Nora opens her present.
2) Aw, it’s a dollar-store ‘Barbie!’ Nora insists on unwiring all the ill-fitting accessories from the box immediately.
3) Wow, her dress is a bit…revealing. No underpants, huh?
4) I take my first good look at the doll’s packaging.
5) Wait a second, are those photos of actual liquor bottles?
6) This is clearly stage lighting. And…is that a POLE?
7) A stripper Barbie. GG HAS GIVEN NORA A STRIPPER BARBIE. I guess that makes sense, since the series of dolls is called Fine Lady, and this model’s name is Beauty.

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All I can think of is that these ended up at the dollar store when some importer didn’t look too carefully at what he was buying until it got here. As far as the Chinese factory where they made, they must be laughing at us right now…and/or they just think that’s what Americans like.

2 thoughts on “Fine Lady

  1. I like to click through these photos twice. Once to watch Nora adorably unwrap her present. Once to watch Grandma and her perfect stillness.
    Also, your lightbox makes that doll and packaging look way more high quality than they are.

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