Blake Smith FTW

Blake makes the cutest dinners for Nora. They are always well-balanced, contain vegetables, offer a veritable rainbow of tastes and textures to please her tiny palate, and are separated into little piles. Now, if only he would eat like that himself…

6 thoughts on “Blake Smith FTW

  1. I love that Blake 1. makes well-balanced meals, 2. arranges them so carefully on Nora’s tray, and 3. photographs them. It’s all incredibly endearing.

  2. Dear Nora-
    Your mother needs to shape up. If you would be so kind, throw your nice neat meals at her until she takes some more pictures of you. I am sure she will understand it and apreciate it.
    Elder Jeffrey R. Anderson
    p.s. keep being cute
    p.p.s. everyone in New Jersey thinks you are cute too.

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