Mother’s Day

Blake gave me a new camera for Mother’s Day, so I got things started right by taking a super close-up shot of him cooking his famous chili.

We went up to the cabin to hang out with my side of the family for a while, and Nora got thoroughly spoiled by my mom, Dave, and Angie (who aren’t this blurry in real life).

We drove back down the canyon and over to Blake’s parents’ for dinner, and I took some pictures of his family for Nora’s little photo book. Welcome to the internet, guys!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. This right here? Is pretty much breaking my heart. What kind of camera did Blake give you? And congrats on your first Mothers’ Day!

  2. bittersweet

    Today is my last day working for the library, at least for the near future. My feelings about this are so mixed, but I think excitement for the next phase of my life is winning out. Thank you, thank you…

  3. sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake

    For our Mother’s Day dessert, I made chocolate-chip sour cream cake (recipe from the Boston Globe, after the jump). It was tasty with the chocolate chips, but I think it would be really good without, also–as a regular coffee cake,…

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