and then it snowed

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and we had an ambitious day planned. First, Sarah made Nora what she dubbed a “rally hat.” Unfortunately, when our neighbor asked what cause Nora was rallying for, I didn’t have an answer.

In the afternoon, when it was too hot for padded polyester hats and long sleeves, Sarah and I took Nora with us out to the Turnbulls’ to pick up some strawberry plants. Obviously, it was very tiring.

After a nap (in her bed–we didn’t just leave her in her seat!), Nora and Sarah camped out on the lawn, while Blake and I worked on the herb garden project that drank the Great Salt Lake. Because…it was so big. Anyway, Nora was cute.

One thought on “and then it snowed

  1. maybe she was rallying in preparation for the start of baseball season.
    if we have to have a reason to rally, THE TERRORISTS WIN.

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