Labor Day

For Labor Day, Sarah and I rode our bikes to Sugarhouse Park with Nora in the Bobike seat, and met up with our friends for a picnic (dress code: wear white). There are more pictures on Valori‘s Facebook here.

Technically, on the way home, my top-heavy bike overbalanced and it tipped over with Nora in the seat, scaring her half to death and gouging out part of my ankle. Luckily Blake was leaving the park just after us in his car, and came and picked her up, so she didn’t have to ride in the bike seat the rest of the way home. I hope she’ll remember how much fun we had before that instead of the more traumatic falling part.

Baby Elephant

Blake, Nora, and Dawn braved the crowds at Hogle Zoo to see the newborn baby elephant playing with her mom. Of course, no zoo trip is complete without a ride on the carousel. Finishing up at Chili’s was just the icing on the cake.

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A mature palate.

Before we leave for church, Nora likes to go to the spice cabinet for a little refreshment. I think you know where I’m going with this.

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