she speaks for the trees

Ever since Grandma read Nora The Lorax, her favorite spot on our walk around the block has become this stump. She stands up there and dramatically announces that she is the Lorax. I think we need to read the book again so that she can expand the game.

Get the flash player here:

Elmo walking

Nora has a musical Elmo book, the kind with the buttons you push at certain parts of the story, to add sound effects. It was a gift.

1) Patented ‘Elmo’s walking music’ dance
2) Coy ‘I’m ignoring that camera’ face
3) Fierce bear roar.
Those three things are my gift to YOU.

No No Yes Yes

This is one of Nora’s very favorite books. It’s handy, too–we can say “what does the No No Yes Yes book say about that?” and she already knows that touching power outlets (or whatever) is a no-no.

I love these Leslie Patricelli board books. That reminds me, I should pull out my storytime stuff for Yummy Yucky.