23 weeks

The baby is hefting up, weighing just over a pound this week. That means she is as heavy as (drum roll…) a large mango! For Eat Yo Baby, E made a salad with mangos in it, and Jeff made some kind of delicious latin-influenced dessert with baked mangos, cinnamon tortillas, and ice cream. A fetus never tasted so good. (Am I creeping you out with this yet? GET ON BOARD.)

6 weeks

It’s a pretty big step up from a sesame seed to a lentil bean!
Nora: “One, two, three! Why are there three people in our family?”
Me: “How many do you think we should have?”
Nora: “I think we should have four.”
The story’s cuter if I just stop there, but…
Me: “Four? Would you like to have a new baby in our family?”
Nora: “Nope. We should get a grown-up lady.”
Me: “You mean like Aunt Sarah? Should she be in our family?”
Nora: “No. A different lady. Another mommy!”
So, that’s going to be tricky to explain to the bishop.