Bring a yeti

What do you do when you’re snowed in in Midway with Dave & Angie?  Build a snow cave.


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Skating Shoes

Before the snow in Midway got too bad, we headed to the outdoor skating rink with Dave and Angie. We even ran into the Boss family while we were there–but I can’t seem to find photographic evidence of that now. Anyway, great minds think alike!

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You know what great minds DON’T do? Skate with their three-year-olds between their legs. That crap is hard.


If I didn’t still so clearly remember pushing Nora out of my own womb, I might start believing Kaeleigh was actually her biological mother. How else can I explain the physical, intellectual, and developmental resemblance? I ain’t no blond supergenius who can’t hold still.

The Scariest Mummy

This Halloween was mostly about scaring for Nora. And even though I was disappointed at first that she wouldn’t wear her mummy hat, I think tying a few “bandage” strips around her head with a bow added just the right amount of cuteness to her homemade mummy costume.

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This costume was easy to make, but not at ALL easy to get on and off. Turns out, even if you start out with a stretchy base, sewing on a bunch of woven fabric strips makes it not stretchy. At least it looks cool, right?

Preschool Class Photos

I will probably never have studio-quality class photos that I love and am proud to give as gifts ever again, so forgive me for relishing the moment.

And here is the rest of Nora’s class, and another serious but sweet pose. I attribute a small part of the success of these photos to the fact that I was a co-op parent on picture day, and not only could I tweak Nora’s hair and clothes at the last minute, but the other mom and I did a lot of crazy dancing to get the kids to smile during the group shot.