Nora has been the best big sister from the very beginning.

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WordGirl (and friends)

I’m sure I’ll be back to add a ton more photos eventually (and maybe some costume-making details), but I wanted to show our family’s WordGirl costumes, made for Jillian’s final costume party, Superheroes and Villains. We wore ours again for Halloween, too. Would you let a giant sandwich head go to waste?

Clockwise from Nora in the front, we have:

Nora – WordGirl
Sarah – Dr. Two-Brains
Blake – The Butcher
Lisa – Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Hazel – Captain Huggy Face
Jeff – The Amazing Rope Guy

Dave & Angie

I hope it’s OK with Angie if I share her photos from this weekend here.  I couldn’t resist–they’re probably the best pictures that have ever been taken of my kids.  Keep clicking for tea parties, Nora’s introduction to the iPad, swinging, pumpkin carving, and more Midway and Spring City adventures.  Please come visit again soon, you two!


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Mummy loves us both equally

I had to get some comparison pictures of Hazel in Nora’s old mummy outfit. Two totally different kids, and I just like both of them so much.

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Easter Sunday

Aw, look at my girl in her Easter dress, with her little matching coat.

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Just like Jared

Nora and I walked to Subway for dinner, just the two of us, and then hit up 7-11 for slurpees and donuts on our way home. She’s such an awesome, sweet, polite, smart kid sometimes (a fact that should be documented for the future, so I can look back when she’s 7 or 16 and have something to smile about).

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